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I’ve loved the opportunity to reclaim memories. Before I started working with Anda I had almost zero memories of my childhood. Post 3-4 sessions I feel like I can paint a full picture of my childhood memories. I never thought that would be a possibility for me. On the flip side of that, having so many repressed memories (which were repressed out of survival) come back, has been really hard to cope with...


But you can expect to feel safe and secure as your subconscious brings up memories to process. Every session gets deeper and deeper, allowing me to feel lighter and a deeper sense of understanding in my daily life and experiences.


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"Anda is an incredible sound healer!


I was having bad tension headaches & my eye was twitching. My eye stopped twitching during the session & hasn't come back. No headaches, either. Loved it so much, booked another session the week after. This will be on regular rotation for me!"

Merci Anda pour ces séances de traitement énergétique. Je me sens ancrée, concentrée, protégée.


C’est une véritable découverte que je compte poursuivre.


Les ondes et le son connectent avec des parties de mon être auxquelles j’avais difficilement accès. 

Myriam Allard

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