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Tarot Medicine

Tarot opens a dialogue with your soul. It connects you to a wisdom beyond your conscious awareness & cultivates a working relationship with your subconscious & your higher self. 


In-person Tarot Reading

This is a co-creative process. A spontaneous dialogue, evolving n response to your questions. We use the cards to piece together the story that wants to emerge, weaving a broader perspective out of the snapshots each card affords. Insights surface spontaneously as you  develop confidence in your unique interpretations of the symbolism inherent in the cards, which become catalysts for profound change.


Email Reading

Email readings are great for getting insights into ways to get unstuck, or to simply check in with your higher self's perspective. You email me a brief outline of the situation you'd like to ask about and we collaboratively decide on a set of empowering questions. Connecting with your energy I create your reading intuitively and email you back with insights and action steps.


Learn to Read Tarot Intuitively

Do you wish you knew how to read tarot for yourself, but don't even know where to start? Are you tired of looking up generic card interpretations that don't apply to your life, anyways? Are you craving  a deeper connection to your higher self?  I teach intuitive tarot in an accessible manner, helping you cultivate a unique relationship with the cards, allowing for profound personal insights.

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