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Who am I?

I am Barbara Alexandra Kraemer (ANDA). I spent much of my life stuck in depression and self-loathing, convinced that I could never be okay again. 

Two assaults in my early teens had left me feeling fragmented, while on the surface my life looked 'fine'. I even graduated university with an honors degree. Nobody noticed that emotional flashbacks threatened to drown me, or that a cruel inner voice was slashing my self worth.

It wasn't until I trained in sound healing and coaching and obsessively worked on myself that I started to heal at the deepest levels of my being. 

My Story

After spending years self-effacing and slowly withering away inside - I recognized one day that no one was coming to save me.


Admitting to myself that something had to change was one of the hardest things I ever did. For one it involved walking out on life as I knew it and becoming a single mother to my two young kids. Yet somehow, leaping into the unknown, I felt a deep sense of being divinely protected and connected to a benevolent force. 

cards and tuning forks
tuning forks and bowl

I surrendered to this power and offered my life up in service in a way that might feel fulfilling to me, as well as be useful to many. Books, courses and teachers started to show up as if by magic. 


I finally understood that we hold the key to our healing inside our subconscious mind and that unresolved trauma can obstruct our life force from doing its job, but when we start to remove the blockages, the divine wisdom of our Higher Self can start to restore harmony in body, mind and soul



Are you ready to release the past, heal the imprint of trauma and repressed negative emotions and finally experience inner peace, confidence and clarity?

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