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  • I see you offer remote sessions, but how can this work at a distance?
    Ok. Now we're getting into some philosophical or spiritual stuff. There really is no 'distance'. Space is an illusion. It's part of the simulation we live in. Everything really happens in the mind. Another way to answer this might be through what's called quantum entanglement. Everything that was once connected is always and forever connected. Well, seeing how our universe (possibly & debatably) exploded into being many moons ago out of one dense ball of matter, you and I, we're kinda still one... But if you really wanna know what I do - I picture a mini-hologram of you - in other words, I mentally magically conjure up a version of you and then work on this soul hologram. I believe that your soul can be in many places at the same time, it's not space- or time-bound, but part of it STAYS connected to your physical body, which reacts in real-time when we do a distance session. TBH, many of my clients are mega sceptical at first. Maybe they've had remote work in the past and didn't feel much. I have worked with individuals and groups remotely and every time people are amazed at the powerful impact my work has on them. I even worked with someone half-way across the planet who had severe neurological damage after reconstructive facial surgery following a scooter accident. Not only did she suffer from unpredictable seizures that made it impossible to continue working, but one side of her face was actually drooping & without sensation. She felt desperately depressed, helpless and hopeless after trying everything from physio to EMDR. We worked together for a few months, after which the seizures reduced to every few weeks rather than several times a day, sensation returned in her face and she was able to return to work, albeit at a relaxed pace.
  • My girlfriend/ boyfriend/ fill-in-the-blank keeps raving about you & I'm wondering whether I should book a session with you. But I don't have any trauma.
    Listen, first of all, we ALL have trauma. I've worked with hundreds of people and every single one had unprocessed stuck emotions somewhere in their energy field. BUT... that being said, you don't need to have any 'trauma' to benefit from my work. Picture yourself sitting in your kitchen with some those milky-white sheer curtains covering the window. You can see the backyard, but it's not totally clear. It's a bit hazy. You get up and walk over to open the curtain and sit back down. You look outside again and suddenly everything looks more vibrant and clearer. THAT is what my work can do for you, even if you feel like you don't necessarily need help healing from anything specific. It's like, the curtains to your soul are getting drawn open 😉
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