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Is this you?

You're tired of feeling stuck. There's trauma in your past that you can't seem to heal. You feel like you've tried it all, but it's as though there's this invisible rubber band that keeps you tied to the past. It feels like life is passing you by, like you're just going through the motions.


What if you could wake up energized and excited to be alive? If you had inner peace, felt safe in your body and had the courage to set boundaries and create a life worth waking up for?


Even if you're convinced right now that you're too broken or that you've got 'bad genes', I am here to tell you there is hope! You are just a few sessions away from making peace with your past & experiencing the profoundly liberating effects of sound medicine! I am so excited to help you step into your power.

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Sound healing.png

Sound medicine can help you...

  • Release deeply buried trauma  

  • Harmonize your body, mind and emotions 

  • Calm your nervous system  

  • Soothe your vagus nerve

  • Unleash your body's innate healing powers

  • Heal the root causes of your dis-ease(s)

  • Release birth and generational trauma 

  • Transform anger, anxiety and insecurity

  • Develop a deep sense of inner peace

  • Heal your relationships

  • Let go of guilt and shame

  • Fall madly in love with yourself



"There will come a time when a diseased condition will not be described as it is today by physicians and psychologists, but it will be spoken of in musical terms, as one would speak of a piano that was out of tune." 



memories are coded & stored in waveform


leave dissonant sound signatures


can tune you back into harmony


works to heal you from the inside out


"The immediate impact has been nothing short of phenomenal!

Previous pains and discomforts have been replaced by an awareness of where those pains began, allowing for them to pass and be released for good. ​​I am virtually quiet in mind and restfully at peace.


A sense of renewed optimism has taken hold and my troubles seem very distant now."

 Mohawk Spiritual Healer & Teacher 

Tamara Dafour

I have been on a healing path for over twenty years & feel like I tried it all but was overtaken by the power of your treatment.


It's deeply unblocking & refreshing to the heart, mind & soul. It allows peace, clarity and inner strength to emerge in a gentle & loving way. You are a master at holding space & creating the most welcoming energy in which anyone can feel safe to shed trauma & express raw emotion.


So grateful for what you do."

Jen Wende.jpg
Jen Wende

"My sound healing session was amazing! I felt like it cleared away the muck and afterwards I felt so light, clear and energized.


During the session I could feel different layers of stuck emotions that were weighing me down being released from my body. The vibrations felt so precise in where they were targeting, it was magical.


I highly recommend her!

My session was even at a distance over video and it was still extraordinary!"

Sound Healing Alchemy.png
About my approach

I use pure frequencies emitted by tuning forks to find blockages in your subtle body. Picture your subtle body like your personal iCloud. It stores everything that happens to you and what's more, it continuously influences your physical, as well as mental-emotional states.


Trauma and stressful experiences in the past result in dissonance in your subtle body, which can impact how you feel in the present. I focus on harmonizing dissonance, which helps you feel calmer, lighter and more confident.


My work takes place at the quantum level, with effects ranging from gentle to deeply cathartic, depending on what your body deems most appropriate. Effects can unfold days after a treatment. 


It's important to stress that I harmonize the blockages in your energy field, you do the healing.

Christa Bevan

"I could cry I'm so happy!


After 2 years of struggling miserably with sleep deprivation from a baby that has consistently woken up 3-5 times a night his whole life, I've finally gotten some rest.

Since working with Barbara, we are both sleeping so much better - more soundly and more restfully!


I can't recommend her services enough!"

Emma Heywood

"After working with Barbara I was just BUZZING! That's the best way I can describe it. Just a buzzing energy in my whole being, yet also a clarity and groundedness I hadn't felt before, yet also a lightness flowing through me! Like something just shifted, literally got cleared out! My voice was deeper, more sure of itself.


I feel more connected to myself & my truth than I have been in a long, long time."

Michael Ellison.jpg
Michael Ellison

"Sound Therapy has been a life changing experience for me - not only because the results were immediate and profound but because I was somewhat skeptical initially.


It has helped me alleviate stress and anxiety and has improved my overall well-being. I feel more relaxed, focused and energized thanks to this remarkable therapy and an equally remarkable therapist ( Barbara ).

I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from this regardless of age or gender and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their mental, emotional and physical health."

Ready to break free from past trauma, connect with your authentic self and feel happy, energized and at peace in body, mind and soul?  
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