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tools and services to help your soul express its unique song

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Sound Medicine

Are you ready to experience inner peace, confidence, more energy and motivation? Then this is for you! Sound medicine can release  trauma from your physical, as well as energetic bodies, harmonizing body, mind and soul. Sessions are uniquely tailored & always include some coaching to empower you to go deeper between sessions.



My approach blends neuroscience with ancient wisdom & spiritual concepts with cutting-edge mental programming techniques.  It may well be just the thing to help you come into your power, make peace with your past, get intimate with your inner child, discover your purpose and serve humanity with your unique gifts.

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Tarot Medicine

If you're craving for a direct line to your higher self to get intuitive answers and make empowered decisions then working with the tarot is a fun yet profound way to get there quickly. We co-create the reading, helping you to start trusting your inner wisdom and get acquainted with the unique voice of your soul. 


What if you no longer felt held back by your past, but instead felt excited to be alive? What if you felt safe and at peace in your body? Woke up energized. Had mental clarity and the courage to create life on your own terms, including relationships.


I can help you get there! Because even if "you've tried it all" and feel secretly convinced that you're too broken or that you've got 'bad genes', I am here to tell you - there is hope! You are just a few sessions away from making peace with your past & experiencing the profoundly liberating effects of sound medicine!

Read more about what sound medicine can do for you here

Read about my story here, or click the link to book your session.


"The immediate impact has been nothing short of phenomenal!

Previous pains and discomforts have been replaced by an awareness of where those pains began, allowing for them to pass and be released for good. ​​I am virtually quiet in mind and restfully at peace.


A sense of renewed optimism has taken hold and my troubles seem very distant now."

 Mohawk Spiritual Healer & Teacher 

Tamara Dafour

I have been on a healing path for over twenty years & feel like I tried it all but was overtaken by the power of your treatment.


It's deeply unblocking & refreshing to the heart, mind & soul. It allows peace, clarity and inner strength to emerge in a gentle & loving way. You are a master at holding space & creating the most welcoming energy in which anyone can feel safe to shed trauma & express raw emotion.


So grateful for what you do."

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Jen Wende

"My sound healing session was amazing! I felt like it cleared away the muck and afterwards I felt so light, clear and energized.


During the session I could feel different layers of stuck emotions that were weighing me down being released from my body. The vibrations felt so precise in where they were targeting, it was magical.


I highly recommend her!

My session was even at a distance over video and it was still extraordinary!"

Ready to release the past & free your soul?

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